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The amount of tools available today at large hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware is so amazing that it is almost overwhelming. The average person probably has most of the tools needed to install Hardie back siding in their garage. Some of the siding tools needed to install Hardie back siding include: hammer, circular saw, jigsaw, screw gun or drill, level, tape measure, pencil, chalk line, speed square, and a caulking gun.

Some specialty siding installation tools that can be used to install Hardie back siding include a compound sliding miter saw, special hardie saw blades, Hardie plank sheers, nail guns, air compressor, and a 4 inch angle grinder. This small list of specialty items is not completely needed or necessary to install Hardie siding, but it sure makes the job a lot easier. Below you will find some great deals on shears, saws, nail guns, and more. If you do not see what you are looking for, please utilize our search bar.

Special blades made just for cutting Hardie plank reduce the amount of dust, and special Hardie sheers all but completely hardiesheerseliminate dust. Hardie plank sheers make quick work of cutting Hardie backer, however when making small cuts they can cause the edges of your Hardi to crumble making it weak. A 4 inch angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade will make quick work of cutting intricate angles and L. cuts, however the dust it creates is almost unbearable. Below you will find both new and used hardie siding tools in auction.

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Hardy can be installed with a screw gun, or with a nail gun. If you do not already have an air gun and an air compressor with all of its accessories, you are probably better off using a screw gun and screws. If a friend is willing to let you borrow a nail gun and compressor will probably save hours of man labor. Some people will argue that nails do not hold the Hardie plank in place as well as screws, but using a nail gun that is siding specific will allow you to use any Ring Shank nail that is virtually impossible to pullout. If you do not have any of these siding installation tools, do not fret! Most can be rented, borrowed or bought cheaply. Now get to work!