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Best Way to Cut Hardie Board Siding

Many people often wonder, what is the most effective way, or what is the best way to cut Hardie Siding. Many people also wonder where the best tools for cutting Hardie plank siding. When working with any Hardie product it is good to remember that it produces a lot of dust when cut improperly. Using a high-speed power saw is probably the worst way that you can cut Hardie plank siding. Fast spinning saw blades tear through the Hardie board causing an extreme dust cloud that you will breathe in.

The absolute best method for cutting Hardie board siding is, with a pair of Hardie shears. There are many brands of Hardie shares on the market, such as Hilti Hardie Shears along with many attachments that can be added to a normal drill. Hardie shears are quick and virtually dustless. However you do need to be careful when cutting along the edge of Hardie board, because it can cause it to crumble.

If you are using a thinner Hardie board like quarter inch hardie used for an underlayment, you can get away with using a utility knife to score and snap the Hardie board. It is best to use a straight edge to push the utility knife against to ensure that you do not cut yourself, while keeping your cuts in a straight line.

Many companies have come out with dust reducing saw blades. These blades can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware among other hardware stores. These blades can be used on a normal circular saw, table saw, or a chop saw. These blades do not completely get rid of the dust caused by cutting Hardie board siding, however they do reduce it drastically. If you really want to cut down on the dust while using a circular saw, it is a good idea to have someone holding a shop vac, to suck up the dust as it is shot into the air.

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